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Virtual poster session A (Aug 30 17:00-20:00): Online session (including onsite participants) using SpatialChat.
Virtual poster session B (Aug 31 9:00-12:00): Online session (including onsite participants) using SpatialChat.
Real poster session (Sep 2 10:30-12:30): Only for onsite participants.
Onsite participants are requested to present their posters at both virtual and real poster sessions. Printed posters can be displayed throughout the conference period.



Klaus Blaum (MPIK, Germany):

"Precision Measurements of Fundamental Atomic Properties using Highly Charged Ions in Penning Traps"

Kyoko Matsushita (Tokyo Univ. of Science, Japan):

"X-ray spectroscopy of cosmic plasmas"

Jimmy Rangama (CIMAP, France):

“Ion interaction with atomic and molecular dimers: a new way of looking at atoms and molecules”

Marianna Safronova (Univ. of Delaware, USA):

"New developments in HCI theory and applications"

Piet O. Schmidt (Leibniz Univ. Hannover, Germany):

"Highly charged ion optical clocks to test fundamental physics"

Oscar Versolato (ARCNL, Netherlands):

“Highly charged ions in laser-produced plasma for state-of-the-art EUV nanolithography”


Sonja Bernitt (Helmholtz-Institute Jena, Germany):

"Resonant photoexcitation of trapped ions for x-ray astrophysics"

Julian Berengut (Univ. of New South Wales, Australia):

"New physics searches with highly charged ion clocks"

Anastasia Borschevsky (Groningen Univ., Netherlands):

"High accuracy calculations of spectra of highly charged ions"

Zhimin Hu (Sichuan Univ., China):

"Relativistic effects on radiative properties and electronic collisions of highly charged heavy ions"

Alba Jorge (UAM, Spain):

On the importance of dynamical screening in mean-field calculations involving many-electron systems

Michael Lestinsky (GSI, Germany):

"First experiments with the CRYRING@ESR"

Anna Niggas (TU Wien, Austria):

"Charge exchange dynamics of highly charged ions with atomically thin materials"

Shinji Okada (Chubu Univ., Japan):

"Muonic atom X-ray spectroscopy for QED test in strong Coulomb field"

Natalia Oreshkina (MPIK, Germany):

"Theoretical predictions for the spectra of heavy muonic atoms"

Jyoti Rajput (Univ. of Delhi, India):

"Addressing molecular dissociation using ion-impact"

Patrick Rousseau (CIMAP, France):

"Polypeptide formation in clusters of β-alanine amino acids by single on impact / Timing of charge migration in betaine by impact of fast atomic ions"

Lucia Skopinski (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, Germany):

"Particle emission from 2d materials induced by highly charged ion impact"

Baoren Wei (Fudan Univ., China):

"Hydrogen migration in the fragmentation of hydrocarbon dications"

Wania Wolff (Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil):

Aromatic molecules revisited under bare helium collision: experiment and theory

Shuncheng Yan (IMP, China):

"the Energy and Charge Transfers in the Fragmentation of Heteronuclear Clusters"